Livraison de paniers de fruits pour votre lieu de travail. Bureau 

The Fruit Basket delivery idea

It's simple, we replace the old donut box at the office for a real healthy snack option. Fruit-O-Bureau offers workplace fruit basket delivery to Montreal and surrounding areas. We provide a weekly service directly to your office or on request for meetings, free delivery and freshness is guaranteed.

We only select  the best products available to fill your baskets with fresh, organic* and local* fruits at the lowest price on the market.

 Our fruit baskets will help your employees to maintain energy, stay alert and be efficient at work. Fruits are filled with vitamins, fibers and act to hydrate and nourish the body. A daily intake of fresh fruit also improves concentration, vision and helps reduce fatigue and stress.

As a bonus, our fruits loaded with natural vitamins will undoubtedly reduce the number of sick days throughout the year.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away ;-)


* depending on season and availability .