Basket size choice

Choose the basket size that fits your team:

  • 10 employees or less: we recommend the 35 fruit basket (about 35 pieces of fruit).

  • 10 to 25 employees: we recommend the 50 fruit basket (about 50 pieces of fruit).

  • 25 employees and more: we recommend the 65 fruit basket (about 65 pieces of fruit).

You hesitate between 2 basket formats? Contact us, we will be happy to guide you!

Recurrence choice

Depending on the needs and budget of your company, we can delivery 1 to 5 per week to your office. Whatever the number of deliveries per week, be assured that they are always free!

Automated deliveries

When you chose the size and recurrence, contact us so that we can automate your deliveries. A service agreement - without time commitment - will be set up, as well as a secure and simplified payment system. All you have to do is to receive your fruit baskets and share them with your colleagues!